Things I've Read Recently That Have Kicked My Ass InsideOut

Succulent Wild Woman by SARK. Introduced me to such powerful concepts as "radical self-acceptance", living big and loud, healing, napping, and eating cookies in bed. Written in her own carefree handwriting, with her doodles and pictures in the margins, it's also alot of fun to read.

Anything by RE/Search Publications generally makes for an enlightening afternoon. Modern Primitives, and ZINES! are two of my favorites (a whole new way to see your body and your world respectively). PRANKS! and Incredibly Strange Music Vol.I are also worth noting.
The Five Gospels by the lovely people of the Jesus Seminar. An approach to the authenticity of the Bible as we know it that is respectably scientific. (Turns out mustard doesn't grow on trees, it grows on bushes. I wonder if what we call mustard was indeed "mustard" back then...) The book eludes to the Gospel of Thomas and proposes that a document "Q" exists that accounts for the similarities between the synoptic gospels. Scares the living daylights out of fundimentalist Christians.