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(you love rants)

* Why I Hate Scientology

* How Does A Feminist Fuck Herself?

* Eat Genetically Modified Foods and Women

* Ticket Punchers and Other Degenerates

* That Gerbil Up Your Ass Has Rights, You Know.

* The Cult of the Monogamous Heterosexual Relationship

* Classical Fascism NOW Dammit
(or, "the masses enjoy being misled, someone has to keep them in line")

Major thanks must be sent to Verlaag, my mentor of sorts and an endless wellspring of obscure information, who will argue with me patiently until I realize I am being stupid and relent. Thanks for my offensive opinionation also go to stupid people, who keep me motivated, and to health nuts, who prove to me that you really can "pay to know what you REALLY think" or "pull the wool over your own eyes!" ... For more truisms and luscious sloganeering, subscribe to my religion at The Church of the Subgenius.

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